Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Hello Dolls

Today started horrible for me! My fav electric blue disco pants spilt in my crouch area, (haha I never thought I would type that) and I had to spend the rest of the day trying to hide it. It was awful. 

But anyway today at lunch a got a parcel from ASOS my number one go to online shop. I thought I would show you the clothes and items I brought so if you fancy them you can just hop on right over to Asos. 


The first time I've gotten a box, how exciting! :)

                     Can you guess what's inside???

So the first thing I brought was a pink and purple tangle teezer. I love it so much, I have been using it all day to brush my locks and it removes knots so easy! I's so small it would fit easy enough in your bag! 

How cute is this!! It's a fox coin purse! I've been wanting a coin purse forever. I wanted to splash out and buy myself a prada one. But I saw this on Asos and had to get and plus it only cost 8 bucks! What a deal! 

Next I brought this River Island shirt. I just love the detail of the pattern and it had cheetah spots on it I had to get it!

Last I brought this floral dress, which reminded me of the style of my favourite dress. I really like this dress but the material isn't my get-up but I love the pattern and it's very spring :) 

Love you all 

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