Thursday, 31 October 2013


I'm so over stress and so strapped for money it's ridiculous! All of my problems began on Wednesday I got three assignments and there all due next Wednesday how silly! But the worst thing of all was yesterday I got into a car accident and it was horrible it was the first car accident I have been in. It was totally my fault! I was very fortunate that the man I ran into was very lovely and nice and that no damage has been done to his car. But for my car, will lets just say I can't drive it and it's going to cost me a whole lot to get fixed and road worthy again. I've lost my independence and now my parents have to take me from point A to B! This bring me to today, I smashed my Iphone again and this time I can't blame it on any stupid magpies this time it was completely my fault! :( 
Lets hope the weekend brings my some good luck! 

Wish me luck :) 

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